List of Illustrations Preface Abbreviations Introduction: Works and Days Pt. 1: The Historical Situation of Romanticism Ch. 1: Specificity after Structuralism: Dating the Return to History Ch. 2: An Art of the State: Historicism and the Measures of Uneven Development Ch. 3: Representing Culture, Romanticizing Contradiction: The Politics of Literary Exemplarity Ch. 4: Altering the Case: The Invention of the Historical Situation Pt. 2: Reading England in 1819 Ch. 5: Reopening the Case of Scott Ch. 6: Byron’s Causes: The Moral Mechanics of Don Juan Ch. 7: An 1819 Temper: Keats and the History of Psyche Ch. 8: Concerning the Influence of America on the Mind: Western Settlements, English Writers, and the Case of U.S. Culture Ch. 9: The Case of The Case of Shelley Ch.