everybodys Peter K over here and Im super stoked because Ive got ina in the car with me ina writes most of our blog posts on our website and she is home she is home at the islands during the Christmas break she normally goes to school on the mainland and so I figured get her in the car lets do some QA and get her perspective which i think is very valuable whats the next question I know the next question is is it a place where someone can move and spend the rest of their life is Hawaii a place to where you can live the rest of your life thats a big one right thats a big question I think it all depends on what age and your life here at two like what stage and age so Ill give an example so here your 20s Im in my twenties and I really like to traveling to different places and go on road trips which is not capable in hueso Hawaii would it be ideal for me to live here at least for now so even though you were born and raised here now that your twenties you kind of want to see the world you w ant to explore the world and Hawaii is not that kind of a place and its much cheaper to buy a ticket to Europe from San Francisco than it is like out of San Francisco than it is out of Honolulu International so traveling is like a lot easier travelling is easier I think its yeah its much less complicated and you can also do simple cheap inexpensive and affordable Im in college so Im all about affordable like affordable weekend road trips or weekend getaways and still see a lot without having to pay a lot because were just driving in my car what about so so what do you think is Hawaiis appeal to younger younger folks like you this is a lot of folks theres a lot of folks who watch this channel that are in their 20s and theyre like oh man I want to move to Hawaii you know what Im gonna live there but what do you think that theyre like not what do you do that there are gonna meet over here that theyre really not expecting that may not be so hot well youll have to live a very minimalist lif estyle so if youre traveling youll be traveling you know you always like do island hopping you go between islands and thats I guess a form of road tripping thats really expensive though but it gets really expensive really expense really quick you got a round-trip airfare you got to have hotels you got to have car yeah its like going on a vacation yeah its like going on a vacation so I guess just loving the minimalist lifestyle and like limited trouble would be difficult and you got to be able to kind of do the opposite of all those things that you said that you liked about the youre not going to go on road trips youre not going to go on you know youre not gonna travel easier Yeah right those sort of things a lot of variety that you want in your in your youth not so much over here right right so let me hit on the older side from the.